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Colloque en éducation

International Conference on Learning, Teaching, and Student Success '16 at Montana State University


There are traditional barriers between K-12 and higher ed, along with silos within these organizations as well.  The primary aim of ICLTSS’16 is to bridge organizational and communication gaps between K-12 and higher education and “student success” should be looked at as a  journey from kindergarten to career.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Advising and Counseling for Student Success

  • Academic advising and counseling
  • Mental health counseling
  • Career advising and counseling

Building Organizational Capacity for Student Success

  • Organizational culture and communications
  • Public and private partnerships for student success
  • Creating a culture of student success
  • Professional development, training and orientation of students, faculty and staff
  • Planning for student success

Domestic and International Diversity

  • Academic ethics across cultures
  • International student success
  • Supporting refugees, immigrants and undocumented students
  • Serving underrepresented populations
  • Supporting speakers of other languages


  • Motivating students for success
  • The science of empowerment
  • Advocating active citizenship
  • Supporting student voice/choice
  • Aligning student activities and programs with student success

Policy, Research and Evaluation

  • The role of government in promoting student success
  • Developing value-added institutional policies and procedures
  • Conducting research on student success
  • Evaluating programs for student success

Retention and Persistence

  • Student retention and graduation outcomes
  • Resilience, grit, growth mindset, belonging, self-regulation

Student Transitions

  • High school to college transition (college readiness)
  • College to work transition (career development and readiness)

Student Success in the Classroom

  • Innovative learning and teaching methodologies
  • Neuroscience for teaching and learning
  • Applying brain science to learning
  • Application of neuroscience, biology, and cognitive science


  • Use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Using big data and analytics for student success


Bozeman, Montana USA)

Durée du colloque

2016-11-03 au 2016-11-05

Date limite d'appel à contributions



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