Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la formation et la profession enseignante (CRIFPE)

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Colloque en éducation

2018 6th International Conference on Management and Education Innovation (ICMEI 2018)


2018 6th International Conference on Management and Education Innovation (ICMEI 2018) is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Management and Education Innovation. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

 e-Health Technologies
 Emerging Technologies
 Environmental Technology Management
 Financing and commercializing innovation
 Global Production Network
 Green Technologies
 Human Resource Management
 Human resource management issues in innovation
 Industrial and Manufacturing System Technologies
 Industrial and Systems Engineering
 Industrial Engineering
 Industrial, Mechanical, Systems Science and Engineering
 Information and Communication Technology Management
 Innovation and management issues within multinational corporations
 Innovation and Management of Renewable Resources
 Innovation for low-income markets and social innovation
 Innovation for sustainable development
 Innovation in services, logistics and supply-chain management
 Innovation Policy and Management
 Innovation, Management and Technology
 Intellectual property and knowledge management
 Intellectual Property Right and Patent
 IT Management: e-Government, Health Informatics, e-Commerce
 Key (converging) technologies (nano-, bio-, ICT technology)
 Knowledge Management
 Logistics and Scheduling
 Machinery and Machine Design
 Manufacturing and Production Processes
 Manufacturing Engineering
 Manufacturing Systems Engineering
 Management of Innovation and Technology
 Management of Nuclear / Energy Technologies
 Management of Technology Education and Research
 Management of Technology for the Knowledge Economy
 Management of Technology in Developing Countries
 Managing collaborative innovation
 Managing IT and E-Commerce
 National and Regional Systems of Innovation
 New Product / Service Development
 New Product Development
 Organizational innovation
 Process Innovation
 Project and Program Management
 Project Management
 Research and Development Management
 Regional innovation systems, clusters and industrial networks
 Risk and Security Management
 Risk Management
 Semantic Web and Ontology Management Technology
 Service Science and Innovation
 Six Sigma and Quality Management
 Small and Medium Enterprises
 Social impact of technology development
 Supply Chain Management
 Sustainable Development
 Sustainable Innovation and Technology Incubation
 Technological Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions
 Technological innovation, product innovation and industrial innovation
 Technology Foresight and Forecasting
 Technology in the Financial / Services Sector
 Technology Intelligence and Planning
 Technology Strategy
 Technology Transfer, Marketing and Commercialization
 Telecommunications Technology, Health Services, and Technology Assessment
 Telemedicine Technologies and Telehealth Services
 The Integration of Technology and Business Strategies
 Theory of Technology
 Water Desalination Technologies
 Web Technologies and Information Management
 Systems, Design and Technologies
 e-Learning platforms
 portals and Virtual learning
 Course design
 Emerging and best practices
 Partnerships in e-Learning
 Evaluation of e-Learning
 e-Learning strategies
 Social benefits of e-Learning
 e-Learning effectiveness and outcomes
 Web-based learning
 Academic participation and freedom
 Learner autonomy
 Security and confidentiality
 Self-learning integrated methodology
 Ambient intelligence
 Assertive and assistive educational technology
 Computer-aided assessment
 Learning content management systems
 AV-communication and other media
 Digital classrooms
 Blended learning
 Collaborative on-line learning
 Content repositories
 Data envelopment analysis
 Meta data standards
 Pedagogical models
 Needs analysis
 other relative topics


Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Durée du colloque

2018-03-09 au 2018-03-11

Date limite d'appel à contributions



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