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Department of Education (England) (2019). Improving adult basic digital skills. Government consultation response. London, United Kingdom : Department for Education.


Last October the Department for Education (DfE) published a consultation setting out plans to improve adult basic digital skills by:

  • Updating the national standards for the basic digital skills needed for life and work;

  • Improving basic digital skills qualifications; and

  • Introducing a national entitlement to basic digital skills, mirroring the existing legal entitlements for English and maths.

    The consultation ran for 12 weeks. It received 170 responses. Of these, 158 were received via the online questionnaire and 12 were received by email. Responses came from providers, industry, digital inclusion organisations, awarding organisations, local authorities, representative bodies and others. Of the responses we received:

  • 49 were submitted by individuals

  • 42 were submitted by providers

  • 33 were submitted by local authorities

  • 10 were submitted by awarding organisations

  • 10 were submitted by employers

  • 17 were submitted by provider representative organisations or other organisations

  • 6 were submitted by other government departments, such as HM Revenue & Customs and HM Prison Service

  • 3 were submitted by academics or universities

    The online questionnaire required all respondents to answer all consultation questions. The number of responses received from each category of stakeholder varied considerably and the amount of detail in response to each of the consultation questions also varied between respondents. Responses have not been weighted.

    In a small number of cases, more than one response was received from the same organisation. These responses were counted separately where individual respondents did not provide the same responses. In some cases, where respondents stated they agreed with our proposals through ‘yes/no’ questioning, this appeared to be an agreement or disagreement in principle, caveated by additional consideration and factors they felt we should take into account.

    The Office of Qualification and Examination Regulation (Ofqual) consulted separately on the regulation of basic digital skills qualifications, including the specific rules on their design, delivery, awarding and standard setting, and on the detailed work that will be required in order to maintain standards on an ongoing basis.


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