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Colloque en éducation

The Second IAFOR International Conference on Technology in the Classroom - Hawaii 2017 (IICTCHawaii2017)


Conference Theme: “Educating for Change”

“Technology” and “change” are two of the most commonplace words in education today. For educators, learners, policy makers, and researchers the questions and concerns frequently revolve around managing constantly changing technology, claims for improvements that technology will bring to the classroom and beyond, and changes that learners and teachers must accommodate themselves to. However, “educating for change” is not about any of these concerns. “For” forces us to examine the changes we wish to create first. What are our purposes? Why do we value certain changes over others? And then, how do we apply technology for the purpose of realising those changes?

A useful lens is to return to underlying definitions of learning to help us examine some of the changes that are possible in learning.

Applying technology to education and learning can change our behavior and the behaviors of our learners. We have all established new habits of mind through our interaction with technology.

Technology can be a powerful tool to augment learners’ capacities to construct and therefore change knowledge and change themselves.

Technology may free us from old frames of reference by allowing learners and teachers to communicate farther and faster and with more people with more varied personal experiences than ever before.

However, technology will not help us achieve any of those changes without choosing them first, keeping those choices in mind, and then using the expertise of others. When technologists learn from psychologists, designers, sociologists, and economists or artists we can best reach our desired goals.

This conference, part of IAFOR’s global conference series on education in its broadest sense brings together teachers, researchers and distinguished professors from around the world to share their insights. The goal is to broaden awareness of different contexts in the pursuit of synergies and solutions. We look forward to your active participation in this vital field of future-oriented academic activity of The International Academic Forum.


Conference Theme: "Educating for Change"

The conference theme for IICTC-Hawaii2017 is "Educating for Change", and the organisers encourage submissions that approach this theme from a variety of perspectives. However, the submission of other topics for consideration is welcome and we also encourage sessions across a variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

Submissions are organised into the following thematic streams:

  • Beyond Web 2.0
  • Computer Adaptive Testing
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
  • Digital Literacy
  • e-Assessment and New Assessment Theories and Methodologies
  • e-learning and Collaborative Learning
  • Education in a Virtual World
  • Future Classrooms
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Instructional Technology
  • Integrating e-learning in Classroom Based Language Teaching
  • Interactive Whiteboard Technologies (Blackboard, WebCT, etc.)
  • Language Labs
  • Learning Systems Platforms
  • Mobile Learning
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Moodle and Classroom Teaching
  • Multimedia
  • New Technologies
  • Open and Distance Learning Technologies
  • Social Networking
  • Support Centers
  • Teaching Online
  • Telecollaboration
  • Video Podcasting
  • Virtual and Personal Learning Environments
  • Virtual Communities
  • Web 2.0 Technologies in the Classroom
  • Web-based Learning
  • Web-based Writing Education
  • Wikis, Blogs, and Online Journals


Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America

Durée du colloque

2017-01-08 au 2017-06-10

Date limite d'appel à contributions



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